Our Projects

We will regularly update you with information on the arts projects we are funding from our profits. We are proud that our first project has been to sponsor the SWG3 Graduate Programme.

The SWG3 Graduate Programme is a 12-month sponsored studio residency and commissioning programme open to artists and designers each year. The programme has been running since 2005 when SWG3 and has become one of the most sought after opportunities in the UK for creatives to continue to develop their practice after higher education.

SWG3’s accessible approach to the arts, and their focus on early stage support for creative talent has enabled over 60 graduates to date to benefit from their studio programme, and go on to become established, successful practitioners.

The application process opens every September, and is available to all current year graduates and leavers from arts and creative industry practical courses who can show a studio based approach to their work, and a real commitment to their practice.

Project 1

Amanda Seibæk

Amanda Seibæk is a Danish artist who works across painting and printmaking.

As a graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Seibæk works with autotheory – connecting multiple fields of knowledge, never deeming any irrelevant for her explorations. This she uses as a tool to describe turmoil in contemporary life though a more poetic lens. The subject rages from neuroscience through to mundane weekend tales told by her friends.

Materially, Seibæk connects the mediums of painting and printmaking. She sees colours in layers and with colours she shapes her figures. When connecting print and paint she tries to develop a language where print is not locked, but rather freed by the brush as a playful tool to make sense of something intuitive.

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